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New users of increase by 60 percent during this period, and 3 January is set to be the busiest day for online dating in the year.

But by investing everything in online dating, we are constantly passing up opportunities that we come across every day.

What about that man you smiled at in Lidl when you were picking up some milk?

Or that woman who was reading your favourite book on the Tube?

The thought of sparking up a conversation with a stranger would send shivers down most of our spines.

Nobody wants to be that irritating person who talks to a stranger just trying to get on with their day, right?

So, when all you have to go on is written communication, your impressions of people can be deceptive.

In fact, Christmas to Valentine's Day is the peak season for online dating, as thousands of people decide they don't want to snuggle up to on their own anymore.So, in the New Year why not try a different method of dating: real-life conversations.Emma Ziff, director of the Pink Lobster LGBT dating and matchmaking service, advises: "At the end of the day if you really want to find someone, you actually have to put yourself out there.Taken aback by the unusual experience, and impressed that this man, let’s call him Harry, had had the courage to approach me, I arranged a date with him for next time I was in London.We met up about a month later and had a great time, we had a lot in common and we are still good friends today.

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