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Thirty five per cent of white people say they would never date a black person.

Only ten percent of black people said they would never date a white person.

When you are ready vote the member you got.(please don't cheat) So choose carefully if you want to get your bias :sun_with_face: . It has to be heartwarming, but at the same time it has to ...

You'll see seven different hair colours and every BTS member have their own colour. But I am glad I have found a little spark of inspiration to write something unique that I haven't seen a ... As most of us might know, Kpop is a mixture of art and trends.

The same results occurred when a group of models were asked to strip down to their underwear in a less scientific test to understand raw physical attraction - the overwhelming majority of people again preferred the white models.

The experiments helped support data from a poll of 5,000 people conducted by Dr Keon that suggested white people were also less likely to date outside their race.

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It was a cause for concern for Emma who found there was an 'unconscious bias' towards white people when it came to selecting a partner.Listen don't make me get mad.' Just 9.4 per cent of white people of 5,000 polled said they would date outside their race.Mixed race and east Asian are more likely to date outside their race. Hi everyone Hi lovely people hope you having a good day or night Today I will talk about the best male artists (my heart :heart: )sehun He is the person I think about all day and he does not leave my thinking that makes me ...:hourglass_flowing_sand: ☞ ──────────┐ ɦ ɛ l l o └────────── ☜ ┆ ↳ topic─ top 10 ┆ ↳ featuring─ my favourite ┆ debut tracks ┆ ↳ date posted─ 09/11/17 Welcome to my first ... I'm going to do this a series where I post fanarts of all EXO members. note before we begin, no videos/pictures used in this blog are mine.

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