Association of dating agencies and matchmakers

She and her family have lived in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore previously.Her husband works as a CFO, their son is a university student, and their daughter works in London.Kathy is also a qualified Date Coach who has published her own book, she has the innate skill to connect with men and women on different levels and we are proud to have her at HK Matchmakers.Since completing her Master’s in Communications from the States, Regina had worked in international Advertising Agencies as a senior executive both in Hong Kong & Canada.

We have three levels of membership and whichever you have chosen, we will try to ensure that your membership is really memorable.She has since diverted her focus, specializing in mediation since the past 15 years. Thomas is a reputable mediator in USA & HK, especially in family law matters, she acts as the Legal Counsel to HK Matchmakers especially in regard to conflict resolution between couples, between couples and their families, pre-marital counseling and pre-nuptial agreements.Rochelle is a New Zealand registered nurse, specializing in health management and education.Rochelle takes the opportunity in HK to make new friends, expand her interest in self healing and has taken many courses in education facilitation, smoking cessation, self management in time & stress, setting priorities, identifying personal goals.. All of these courses have helped her become an effective listener and motivator, and she works diligently to provide support for her clients to ensure that his/her goal will be achieved.We are proud to have Rochelle as a Consultant for Hong Kong Matchmakers!

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